EWC Announces Writing Boot Camp

In partnership with the Woodruff Library Education and Outreach Committee, the Graduate Writing Support Service, and the Woodruff Library Research Commons, the Emory Writing Center is pleased to announce its Writing Boot Camp for Dissertation and Honors Thesis Writers on Saturday, February 23 and Sunday, February 24.

Writing Boot Camp is an opportunity to for honors students and dissertators to work on their project for an entire weekend without distractions. Boot Camp participants commit to spending Saturday, Feb. 23 9am to 5pm and Sunday, Feb. 24 noon to 8pm actively engaging with their dissertation or thesis projects. Located in the Woodruff Library Research Commons, Writing Boot Camp provides opportunities to set and share writing goals within a supportive community of writers.

Writing Boot Camp offers several modes of support for participants, including the support of professional writing tutors from the Emory Writing Center and the Graduate Writing Support Service, and resources on dissertation/thesis writing, copyright, and other areas. Because a free lunch is provided for its participants, interested persons must register. Only limited space is available. This is the first in what the Writing Center hopes will be a series of boot camps for writers of long research projects.

If you are a student of Laney Graduate School or Emory College of Arts and Sciences and would like to participate, please register at http://web.library.emory.edu/news-events/calendar by Feb. 21, 2013. Registration indicates your commitment to participate in both full days of Writing Boot Camp.

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